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 Born deaf, this uptown girl armed with a sense of humor, an unflinching determination , a supportive family , the best education with numerous degrees and certifications, turned her back on the easy choices .Looking for more independence , challenges, opportunities to make a difference and to demonstrate potential, she struggled for years to be accepted into law enforcement . Once accepted , she had to excel and HAD to be the best ! Despite the constant battles with endless obstacles, she processed both the passion and the patience necessary to succeed . Unbelievably , her life has been filled with laughter and an endless amount of seemingly contagious love . She has quite a story to tell while teaching , entertaining and uplifting all who hear her ...She has written , designed and presented   forty two award winning , well developed programs for children, families, senior citizens and professionals . All of these programs have been designed to motivate, educate and empower those of us facing the many difficulties in our own lives and in our own communities . Serious topics are handled with common sense, compassion and humor . She teaches through fun and entertains her audience. 
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          DEPUTY SUSIE of the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office , besides being a profoundly deaf policewoman was honored as the Quota Club's  'International Deaf Woman of the Year 1998 ' in Melbourne , Australia. She was also recognized by the National Jay Cees , American Legion and Kiwanis Organizations for her outstanding work in Law Enforcement. Her awards and recognitions truly are too numerous to list .
She has toured and provided numerous seminars, presentations, professional training and
in-service programs throughout 49 states in the United States and worldwide . She has appeared on many National Television Broadcasts and  has been the subject of a vast amount of publications .
Deputy Susie has been a local children's television and a radio personality for many years on the New Orleans CBS affiliate , WWL-TV and the PBS radio station in Hammond, Louisiana ..KSLU-FM .For the past year she has also been , a columnist and feature writer for the THE HAMMOND DAILY STAR and has published a number of freelanced articles for several magazines.
      Years after first picking up the BADGE , Deputy Susie has worked in almost all capacities in Law Enforcement. From her very first surveillance duty in the Special Operations Division to Patrol , Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, LASER and Community Relations.  She has had a great love for being in the right place at the RIGHT time, to make a difference. She has received certifications in a wide range of special interests in Law Enforcement. Throughout the years, she has worked special assignments with most major Law Enforcement Agencies and continues to assist many departments with specialized situations . She frequently teaches at various Police Academies, Emergency Rooms , District Attorneys Offices and School Board Personnel Programs across the country.


A Heartfelt Bibliography
Kathryn K. Cambre
Deputy Susie Cambre is currently Director of Elderly Services and Community Education for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s  Office and is a news correspondent for the local newspaper. When Katrina hit, Deputy Susie was living in St. Bernard Parish, teaching at Nunez College, was semi-retired working special assignments with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office and was the Supervisor of a Total Community Action, Neighborhood-Community Center in New Orleans.
       Hurricane Katrina demolished her community. She and her husband volunteered to work emergency operations on the Gulf Coast for several months. Then, worked Red Cross shelters in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana until November of 2006 when they finally made it to Houston. While in Houston she began work as an archivist with the ’The Surviving Katrina and Rita Project’ with the University of Houston and the U.S. Library of Congress.
Among her accomplishments in her career, she has been recognized as the National American Legion and Kiwanis “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year”. She established ‘Project See and Save’ for the elderly and ‘Red Light, Green Light’ for young children and has created 42 other nationally award winning safety and awareness projects. She has appeared regularly on national children’s shows such as Bozo, Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street and been a children’s television personality on New Orleans TV for 25 years as writer, producer and on-air personality. Every Sunday night for four years she could be heard on PBS radio broadcast,’ A Heart of Glass’, an adolescence talk/counseling program. Deputy Susie was the founder and director of the Louisiana Hearing Dog Program in Hammond, La.
       Deputy Susie has been honored by President Reagan twice and has appeared on a number of nationally televised programs, among them, ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Hour Magazine’, ‘ABC’s Nightline’, ‘The Today Show’ and ‘Donahue’. She was a special guest of First Lady Nancy Reagan and a keynote speaker for the White House Conference on Drug Abuse in 1990 and has provided seminars, entertainment and presentations worldwide. She has danced her special form of ballet before many dignitaries and heads of state throughout the world. She has won countless national awards including the President’s Child Protection Award and the Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Award. Finally, The most recent recognition was one of the only two prestigious ‘The Neighborhood Knight’ Award received from New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. She is a real, homegrown New Orleans girl, married to Lloyd Cambre, a jazz drummer, musician and educator.

Susie's Honors
The most amazing thing is that Deputy Susie is a deaf police officer and has been honored as,’’ the Quota International Deaf Woman of the Year’ in 1989-1990.
She has received certifications in a wide range of special interests in Law Enforcement. Throughout the years, she has worked special assignments with most major Law Enforcement Agencies and school systems internationally and continues to assist many agencies with specialized situations and training. 
She has received numerous commendations in law enforcement and is a recognized ‘expert’ in a number of fields, including child protection, domestic violence, child abuse, elderly crime/ individuals with disabilities and family / professional safety.
She has single handedly organized and orchestrated major art shows, exhibits and at least fifty fund raising charity events featuring large named performers, celebrities and special guests.
            She has recently added Masters in Communications to her list of certifications and degrees which includes Masters in Social Work and Masters of Business Administration in Training and Development. She continues to develop newer and more contemporary projects for her community and schools. Her next challenge will be to pursue her Doctorate in Religious Counseling.

Deputy Susie Cambre     
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Lloyd Cambre -Percussion Instruments
                      Drummer  Jazz all styles
                      Masters in Music Education
  Check out Houston Jazz www.  phone :  985 634 7578

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Susie and her husband , LLoyd Cambre , an educator and New Orleans Jazz Vocalist and Drummer often entertain and perform together. They have traveled the country, sharing their love of New Orleans heritage, history and music with an enthusiastic and fun presentation , ' The History of Second Lining' ,              & New Orleans Jazz Funerals and blended cultures.  
      They'll bring the Mardi Gras to You !
They have performed for Conferences , Conventions  and for various groups world-wide .
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Deputy Susie , as a child dreamed of growing up to be a ballet dancer, watching her younger sister take dance classes . She could have never imagined , one day her own style of ballet and sign language would bring joy to so many audiences, the world over. She has danced for Heads of State and toured internationally sharing her message of hope, potential, responsibility and love.
As an artist , she has followed in the footsteps of her Paternal Grandmother , Lucille Koger, a well-known New Orleans Religious Artist and has shown her own work at the New Orleans Museum of Art in a 'Women in Photography' Exhibition and various local Art Galleries and Special Exhibits
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